Senior Staff Photographer at AOL Studios/ BuildSeriesNYC in New York. Gino's work is published everyday seen by millions across all media platforms .

Born in Hoboken, NJ and raised in the New York Metropolitan area. Gino started working at AOL Music in 2009 and has photographed hundreds of Actors and Musicians. Including Deftones, The Black Keys, The Hives, Game, Waka Flocka, The Dream, Nelly, DMX, Ne-Yo, Melanie Fiona, Brandy, Melissa Etheridge, Tori Amos, J-Lo, Mel Gibson, Ice Cube, Sharon Stone,Joan Rivers, Glenn Close, Cameron Diaz, Dane Cook ,the list goes on and on. Covered events like SXSW in Texas and CMJ Music Festival in NY along with many other special events. As a member of the Studio team he works on multiple projects and is the main shooter for AOL BUILD Series which invites Celebrities from Music, Film and Television as well as directors and writers to discuss upcoming projects at the BUILD Headquarters In New York.

Gino spent his early years skateboarding and playing guitar in punk bands where his love for music and photography started. He started a band called DRAGPIPE and landed a major label deal with Interscope Records in 2000. Releasing an album and video for the hit "Simple Minded". After a few years and lots of touring in the US and Europe, DRAGPIPE broke up and Gino decided to devote his time to Photography. Gino's strength lies in his positive attitude, skills and experience. Having been on both sides of the lens, he is at ease and fun to work with.

Gino currently lives in Hoboken, New Jersey with his wife Tanya and baby girl Giana.